Final performance: Stage Plot

Screenshot 2017-05-20 14.32.16

  • 3 mics (SM58) each plugged into individual audio tracks in Ableton (Chloe audio, Rosie audio, Ophelia audio) – specific audio fx and looper applied to each channel in Ableton – very wet reflective reverb audio fx with long delay time applied to all channels – simple delay applied to my channel
  • Keys – pre-recorded midi clip of main song melody with looper applied – keys plugged into Ableton audio track through pre-amp to play some live notes during performance
  • FCB1010 Midi Foot Controller – triggering looper for Chloe and I during performance – also triggering play and stop for pre-recorded keys midi clip
  • Ableton Push – linked to midi track in Ableton with Voice ‘Sirens of the deep’ plug-in applied
  • Roland SPD – linked to midi track with instrument rack in Ableton