MD5311: Post 10 – Final Tracks

Below is the first track of my EP ‘BREATHE’. I wrote and produced this myself.

When listening back to my final bounce, there was a glitch that kept happening with two of my samples towards the last section of the song. I tried a few different things to iron this out, but due to the time constraints, I was unable to do anything else. With more time I would definitely fix these issues as they are not intended to be there.

The second track of my EP is titled ‘TRUTH’. I wrote and produced this myself also.


MD5311: Post 9 – EP Audience & Market Research

Evaluation of Research

Having finished my two tracks for my EP, I do not feel ready to take many of the steps I discussed throughout my research. I don’t feel like the tracks are of a high enough standard yet and I wouldn’t feel confident establishing myself as an artist with these two tracks as my debut.

I like the work I have produced and am proud of it, however, I would want to go to a professional to re-mix/master them to give me the best possible shot at building a large fan base. I think the quality of the track needs to be the main focus as it should be able to speak for itself when its released.

Before taking any more steps, I want to create a brand for myself as an artist and implement this across my social media platforms. I will start to share these with friends and my potential audiences I spoke about earlier. I will tease snippets of a ‘debut single’ and post engaging photos and videos about the creative process. This will then give me a better platform for a debut EP (with 4-5 tracks) to be received well.

I had planned to produce two more songs than I had, but due to time constraints and some other difficulties, I decided to focus on two. However, I think an EP would need those extra two.

I will also get in touch with websites such as The Good Christian Music Blog and once I’ve got some examples of my music on social media, I will follow a lot of these labels, blogs, websites etc on their social media platforms to start advertising myself.

I don’t think it’s worth rushing these starting steps as an artist as first impression really do count and they last. With so much music out there, I want my music to stand out and so it needs to be high quality.

MD5311: Post 8 – EP Audience & Market Research


Although YouTube is a successful way some artists share their music, it wouldn’t be a large focus of mine at the moment. There are many Christian music YouTube channels, however, the vast majority of them only share the large already established Christian artists, such as Bethel, Hillsong or Jesus Culture.

The most successful songs on YouTube secular or Christian, also have well produced videos behind them. As I am just starting out as an artist, I want my focus to be on my tracks, rather than feeling like I also have to produce a high quality video as well. This isn’t something I would rule out when I am more established as an artist and I think lyric videos can be hugely successful too!

Below are a list of some YouTube channels currently promoting and sharing contemporary Christian music:

Large YouTube Channels (>100k )

  • Hillsong Young and Free – 891,082 subscribers
  • Capital Kings – 205,791 subscribers
  • Integrity Music – 225, 382 subsribers

Medium YouTube Channels (10k to 100k)

  • Christian Music Daily – 43,817 subscribers
  • Soul Survivor – 12,890 subscribers
  • Gospel Hydration – 30,007 subscribers
  • BLSSD Music – 15,957 subscribers
  • Cross Nation – 53, 226 subscribers
  • Rivers and Robots – 35,879 subscribers

Small YouTube Channels (<10k)

  • Bespoke Records – 114 subscribers
  • MDSN – 1,129 subscribers (Artist)
  • Set Sail


MD5311: Post 7 – EP Audience & Market Research


Spotify would be a great place for me to have my music, as there are already a lot of other artists in the genre my music would fall into. There are also features like ‘Related Artists’ and playlists which would help me start to form connections with other artists listeners. Below is a list of potential Spotify playlists where I could try and feature my music:


  • Indie Worship Playlist – 120,066 followers



  • Fresh Finds: Poptronix – 55,487 followers


Good Christian Music Blog

  • Top Picks Playlist – 15,791 followers
  • ‘A carefully curated playlist, made up of songs featured on our YouTube channel, new releases, fresh finds, plus a few older classics! Updated weekly.’


Lifter today

‘Your one-stop-shop for the newest releases in CCM, Worship, Gospel, Rock & Hip Hop!

  • New Music Today Playlist – 10,336 followers

Spotify will be my main focus when it comes to streaming my music. I believe it’s the most popular and accessible platform for my target audience (teens/students/young adults). I would want to create an eye catching artist profile and keep my presence known by following other similar artists to me such as:

Kat Kunning – 8,503 monthly listeners

Megan Lara Mae – 11,849 monthly listeners

RoyC3 – 15,823 monthly listeners

To initially get my music on Spotify, I would go through an aggregator such as Awal or CD Baby who could deliver my music and collect any royalities for me.

The main playlist I would try and get my music on, is ‘Top Picks’ by The Good Christian Music blog, as it’s an accessible goal, but with a large following. I would do this the way I discussed earlier, through their website.

For playlists curated by Spotify such as ‘Poptronix’, there’s no formal submission process and so I just need to make my tracks as visible as possible, sharing in other ways to help my track appear on the radar.

MD5311: Post 6 – EP Audience & Market Research


As I am a solo artist and do most things on my own, to further my development and to help me share my music, I think I would need (and want) to sign to a small label.

Below are some of the labels across the UK. They are either Christian labels, or labels which promote secular music as well as Christian, but are run by a group of Christians. This is important to me, as I believe in a lot of the values at the heart of these labels and I know I would be supported, encouraged and moulded in the best way possible through these labels.

Integrity Music | 226,143 YouTube Subscribers | 15.7k Instagram Followers

  • UK office in Eastbourne.


Capitol CMG (Christian Music Group) – based in US | 63,515 YouTube Subscribers | 5,181 Instagram Followers


Bespoke Records | 114 YouTube Subscribers | 903 Instagram Followers

‘We are an indie label with bite, fighting to change the music industry from the inside out. Bespoke is about doing things differently- based on the values of championing killer art and valuing creatives above their creative product.’

  • Based in Brighton, UK


Running Club Records | 282 Instagram Followers

  • Brighton-based label for new worship music in the UK.
  • We aim to be the most collaborative label possible, building relationships with artists and their audiences (i.e you) which truly add value to their music lives through a mixture of mutual courage, transparency, creativity and empowerment.


The Amen Collective | 280 Instagram Followers


7Core Music | 73 YouTube Subscribers | 160 Instagram Followers

  • UK based Indie record label promoting Alternative Christian Music


The two labels which caught my eye and that I would want to work with, are Bespoke Records and Running Club Records, particularly Bespoke. They are smaller labels and very aware of what’s current and how to work well with artists. The artists already under Bespoke are creative and pushing the boundaries of Christian music merging a line between that and secular music. Some of these artists include:

Lydia Evangeline – 8,694 monthly Spotify listeners

Josh Gauton – 6,805 monthly Spotify listeners

Bailey – 49,740 monthly Spotify listeners

I wouldn’t approach a label like this just yet as I don’t believe I have pushed myself enough on my own. I think it’s valuable learning production techniques and more about the industry yourself, before going to a label. I would take this step when I have had more time to put into writing and producing more songs that I am particularly happy with and would feel confident showing a label.


MD5311: Post 5 – EP Audience & Market Research

Radio Shows

There are a couple of radio shows across the UK with a particular focus on upcoming Christian artists as well as some small secular radio stations:

UCB Undiscovered show:

  • ‘An emphasis on independent and emerging talent from the UK and beyond’
  • Easy link to submit music through website

Premier Christian Radio Unsigned

  • ‘Giving a platform to unsigned Christian artists out there’
  • Clear instructions on how to send in submission for unsigned show

BBC Music Introducing in the West

  • Supporting unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar artists in the West of England.’
  • Easy to upload tracks through BCC introducing section of website

BBC Music Introducing in the West Midlands

 If I were to submit my tracks for radio, I would need to ensure they were shorter than they currently are to align with radio regulations. Thankfully, the two tracks on my EP could both be edited easily and made slightly shorter qualifying for the 3-3 ½ minute mark.

If I had to pick a radio station to submit my music to, I would try the BBC Introducing shows first as I believe the two tracks I have created are more secularly driven and would sit better among their repertoire. This would also give me a larger audience network more varied in age, and it would not restrict myself to the much smaller numbers of Christian radio listeners.

MD5311: Post 4 – EP Audience & Market Research



RELEVANT Magazine (US) | 61.7k Instagram Followers

‘The leading platform covering the intersection of faith, life and culture.’

  • As part of their site, they post album reviews, top tracks and information on different artists


The Good Christian Music Blog (UK) | 3,990 Instagram Followers

‘Creating a space which encourages creativity, giving artists a platform to reach listeners and giving fans a place to find new music. Anyone who is making music worth sharing should be heard, and given the same chance as the large, already established artists.’

  • The ‘Music’ section of their website promotes over 38 different genres of Christian music. I think I would fit into their experimental, pop and worship
  • As part of their website, they have a very easy way of sending in music for them to feature. This makes it easily accessible to smaller artists like me who are just starting out.


Gospel Hydration (UK) | 1,811 Instagram Followers

‘An audio-visual music blog which showcases the best of Christian contemporary music. We are an independent music platform promoting a range of music including: experimental hip-hop, indie, pop, worship and deep house.’

  • Very clear on how you can submit music to them through email


We Are Chapel (UK) | 887 Instagram Followers

‘A group of creatives with a mission to tell real, compelling stories of everyday people who are doing their best to make use of what God has given them.’

  • Featuring Christian artists from across the UK – reviews, interviews and acoustic sessions


Spotify For Life

‘A free service to offer you and your friends great tips for Christian playlists and artists on Spotify’

  • They have all the music categorised into over 22 different genres – The genre I think would be most relevant to my music is the Pop/Chill/Alternative genre of their website.
  • You can also create your own worship playlist and share it with them through their website – a good way to promote unknown, undiscovered artists and your own songs


Louder Than The Music

‘All the latest Christian music news, reviews, releases and charts.’


Free CCM (US)

‘FreeCCM is a Christian music site bringing you some of the brightest and best artists in Christian music and up and coming talent’


My first step would be to submit some music to The Good Christian Music blog. My music would be positioned with others like it in its specific genre, which could be beneficial as the fans who already like those genres could then hear my music. This blog also releases Spotify playlists of certain genres which would help my music be heard by more people.

I would also approach We Are Chapel about my music. A friend Benjamin Torrens featured on their website with his debut EP which has a very similar ethos to mine. They filmed one of his songs in a beautiful setting local to him and interviewed him. They are clearly very specific with who they feature on their website as there aren’t tens of people, however, you’re encouraged if you do as you are alongside some very other talented artists. Viewers of the website also know the standard already set by the other artists, so hopefully already expect a lot from you and would be excited about any new music.