Module Task 3: Performance Proposal

Module Task 3 – Performance Proposal

Group: Chloe Wood, Rosie Mountjoy & Ophelia Neville

Having done some research around different approaches artists take to utilise the use of DAW in their performance, I would love to explore the use of looping and manipulating vocals in my final performance whilst perhaps incorporating some of the other techniques I have seen through my research such as Push and drum pads.

An artist I found as a good example of using looper to create layers and harmonies in performance is Kawehi.

As I will be in a group for my performance with Rosie M and Chloe W, I feel like this approach that Kawehi uses in her video would be easy to apply to our group. We would each have a microphone with a looper applied and we could apply a variety of audio fx and manipulate the vocals in different ways for each mic. In the video Kawehi is able to control a lot of different elements quite easily through her midi programming. If we can do this, we should be able to create quite an interesting performance mainly by just using our vocals.

As a group, we also created a reference track playlist with some other music we liked the ideas of: