Module Task 5: Performance Evaluation

Here is the video of our final performance on our assessment day. In all honesty I was quite disappointed with how our final performance went. Even a lot of our rehearsals had gone better.

We had a quick time before our performance to go through a bit and when it came to the actual performance we had forgotten to clear our loopers from the practise and so they started playing as soon as we triggered the keys.

In our technical rehearsal the day before, a lot of the equipment we needed e.g. the foot pedal, was being very temperamental and so we had to change a couple of things. We originally had the keys mapped to one of the foot pedals for me to trigger it on and off at certain times, but as the mapping wasn’t working in the technical rehearsal, we had to use the space bar on the computer keyboard to trigger instead, but this did not work how we needed it to and messed up a few other of our already mapped triggers.

This was frustrating as in our final rehearsal the week before, we had managed to get everything working swimmingly, with all the triggers mapped correctly and working at the right times.

With this in mind, it meant at the end of our performance, when we went to press the space bar for the keys to stop, all the other sounds we had created also turned off. The song was meant to carry on for another 30 seconds but as there was an abrupt stop of all our sounds, Rosie had to come in with the song ending ‘help me’ before previously planned.

I think we felt a bit deflated because we had put so much effort into practising, researching and working out a creative/abstract concept which we all really liked. I don’t think it was down to lack of rehearsing, but more lack of time towards the end e.g. I think because quite a few things went wrong in the technical rehearsal that we had never had problems with before (particularly the mapping of things), and the performance was the next day, there wasn’t enough time to properly rectify these things.

Creatively I think if we did it again there are a few things we could change/implement. For example, the amount of reverb became quite saturating at points which we could dull down a bit. And we could have incorporated some of the audio effect racks techniques with the macro controls to manipulate the vocals at varying degrees live. However, I think we did do what we set out to do: to create an experience of schizophrenia that was captivating and different.

I think if we were to do this again, I also would be less afraid to really try a more varying set up in regards to instrument racks, audio effect racks and live looping of vocals and instruments with some experimentation towards automation and macro controls.