Research Task: Hunting | Little Comets

Research Task Lecture 1 – Ophelia Neville

Hunting – Little Comets

‘Hunting’ a Little Comet’s song featured on their latest album, is a song that represents Social Class and Politics, two aspects of identity.

The song starts with a rebellious sounding electric guitar which underpins the rest of the song and paired with the use of the word ‘fucking’ within the first verse establishes a character of feisty disagreement and disassociation from middle class politics from the off. The use of certain words ‘hunting’, ‘Sunday’ and ‘West End’ immediately set the scene of the song in Britain.

The hallucinogenic, 1980’s holiday commercial ooh’s after the first verse, and childlike bell’s create a sound of humour, a ‘taking the mick’ attitude and through those sounds, provide the subtle instrumental for the rebellion of the lyrics in the song.

Little Comets wrote the song ‘Hunting’ recently in response to the fox hunting ban that came into effect. Mickey (lead singer) loved fox hunting, but obviously had to stop when the ban came in. ‘After this he worked out that effectively politics was the same thing – a hegemonic system in which you can play out power fantasies while persecuting a creature that you think is worthless vermin. Plus, the effects on them, however deliciously brutal, aren’t of consequence because the confines of the game are so rigorous they can’t do anything about it anyway’ (Little Comets, 2017).

In their lyric blog online, Little Comets go on to say how this was quite a jokey song for them and how it was fun to write a song about something they care about without it being an angry rant. The sporadic performance of the vocals throughout the song create layers of subtle whispers which are trodden on by Mickey’s clear cutting lead vocals in the verses to then reach the shouting of the Ah Oh’s in the chorus. This celebrates the ‘tribe’ of lads almost laughing at what’s gone on and the system that’s presented. They’re not trying to hide anything, they’re not being quiet and they’re not leaving it to just Mickey to sing on his own. It’s a culminating moment in the song, almost like the actual existence of the song itself is a culminating moment for the band. Writing a song for fun, with humour about something important to them, without being consumed or overtaken by the anger that the subject holds. This song in itself is like the band are sat on a pedestal enjoying themselves for a bit, laughing and rebelling with their lyrics intelligently.

Some Dexys Midnight Runners vibes become apparent throughout the song with the ending Glissando on the piano, and the recurring electric/upright sounding piano with the distorted vocals towards the end prizing the youthful characteristics to the song.

‘Hunting’ is a playful, yet intelligent song sang in the context of a band in the know. Knowing the band and their music well, we know the song comes from a stance of representing the working class and intelligently stating their views. Humouring themselves and us as listeners whilst also at times carefully confronting current affairs.


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