Sketchbook 1

I’ve always been a visual thinker and like having things physically in front of me, whether it’s a paper book and not a kindle, or a sketchbook full of ideas rather than just an online blog. This is why I have started creating a sketchbook of all my ideas. I’ll still be gathering all my ideas and work on my blog, but I’ll also be uploading pages of my sketchbook to show the thought processes I go through naturally, random jottings, drawings and how a lot of my ideas come from artwork or creative expression on paper or through photos.

These are a few very basic ideas I put together tonight. Some are small sketches, some are small poem like notes and some are paintings.

All these ideas came from events that have happened in my life over the past few months. In my head I titled each event ‘The ………’ and I listed them all in significance to me. For example, ‘The Illness That Speaks’ was high up on the list and ‘The Sellotape Sculpture’ was low. Each of the ideas I want to spend time on and work on so the list doesn’t really mean anything but I suppose I was thinking ‘what if I made an album with these songs?’, I liked to order them.

For the idea ‘The Flowers That Never Got Delivered’, I painted what was in my head. I use the colours that show the atmosphere that I feel in my head and the shapes trigger certain words when I look back at the painting. This helps my writing process as it always triggers new and different things whenever I look back at it, all of which I can work to putting into a song.

Sometimes, however, I’ll start writing a little poem and that may be the first draft lyric. ‘The Solid Sanctuary’ was something I wrote when I was writing in my journal. Just real, honest feelings at that time.

Seeing shapes, colours and feeling different textures helps me imagine different sounds I might want to use and takes the emphasis away from the actual sound. The sound is so important to me but so is the stuff behind the sound. The different feelings, triggers, emotions, atmospheres that are all in my head, I sometimes find tricky to put straight into a sound.