Resource Review Task

How easy to watch and understand?

  • Easy to watch but not the most captivating speaker – she spoke with quite a monotonous tone and it was half an hour of her just speaking – no varied way of presentation or anything to keep the listener interested like photos, practical analogies or videos.
  • Quite easy to understand – even when the woman was using musical terms or musical theory terms, she still made it understandable to any listener without isolating them. Using the term ‘us’ and ‘we’ rather than ‘you’. She also said that this was ok; it’s ok to be a songwriter without having an in depth knowledge of theory. She was encouraging that there isn’t one particular right and one particular wrong.
  • The woman was making 5 main points. It was hard, however, to keep track of which point she was on and whether what she was saying was a main point, or whether it was a little subheading or small detail. This made some of the things she was talking about a bit cloudy and overlapping.

What knowledge is needed to interpret it?

  • Linking back to the first question, she made it accessible to all. So even if she did use certain terminology, she always explained herself and what she meant in simpler terms.
  • I think one does need some basis beginner knowledge of song writing in order to be able to sit through the half an hour and listen without feeling overwhelmed at the subject topic.

Something you learned and could apply to your own song writing?

  • Trusting instinct – it’s good to listen to others and ask for feedback around your songs, but remember to trust yourself. Don’t rely so much on everyone’s thoughts that you begin to people please at the cost of your own song writing personality.
  • Huge contrast – a lot of commercial songs and successful songs have huge contrast between the different sections of the song: Melodically and harmonically, the frequency and pattern of the chords, repetition, groove etc.
  • How often am I making choices in my song writing without even thinking I subconsciously made a choice. And how many doors is this shutting for me without realising? To maximise opportunity, think everything through.

How relevant is it to your song writing and why?

  • At the beginning of the talk, the woman asked, ‘How many of you have listened to talks and read books about song writing and you’re just starting to hear the same things over and over again?’. This is how I felt. I feel she successfully uncovered some new tips and ideas around song writing. She used a lot of examples of where we may feel stuck in our song writing and unlocked the next level for us without just repeating what everyone else says.

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