Instrumental Task

Group: Ophelia, Will Davis, Rosie Mountjoy

For this task we had to work with people we hadn’t worked with before. In class when were deciding groups, I was meant to go with Ross, but another group approached him to want to work with him and so I went with Will and Rosie.

Before starting the instrumental the three of us discussed as a group what we want to get from the music we were going to write. We all agreed that we wanted the piece to have a lot of emotion and soul. We sat and played our instruments as a group until we found the rough ideas we wanted to work with and then set the phone to record and and improvised around the ideas we had written. We felt by doing this music would feel natural as we would all play what we thought right for that song in that moment. With the addition of the background noise from the room and the guitar amp pulsating due to the tremolo effect Will chose to use I feel that the song holds a lot of emotion and sounds like its very honest which I really like.

If we had more time, to take this further, we could establish a more solid structure to the song – without losing the precious moments of piano stool creaks or the pulsating amp and without losing the expression of improvisation. It could have a lot more expression in certain moments through a sudden shift in dynamics and there could be some real light and shade.

When we had finished recording, I also started thinking of more ideas of ways we could experiment with sounds. For example using one of the small glockenspiels beaters to run along the keys of the piano made a really nice percussive noise which would have suited the track well.


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