Performance Research

Performance using Push/Controllers:

Kaskobi | Shape of you: very good concept for a video – very aesthetically exciting and eye catching

Stro Elliot: quite an inwardly focused concept – not necessarily the most engaging concept for a group performance

Mad Zach: again very inward focused – not the most exciting performance wise for an audience

Conclusion: This technique is a great and interesting way to create a varying soundscape quickly within a song. However, as I know I will be working with a small group for my final performance I’m not sure how this concept would work with a group. A lot of the people who utilise this technique in their work are solo artists or solo dj’s. I also feel like this concept may suit an ‘experience’ better than a ‘performance’ as the audience would be involved as oppose to watching?

Loop based performance:

 Ed Sheeran | Shape of you: Very slick and nice arrangement – good range of instrumentation for a solo artist – a lot of prep involved i.e. a lot of midi programming prior to performance – a lot relying on his timing of triggering different midi controls – a lot to remember

Chameleon: Solid organisation and structure of the song needed i.e. very exact when to trigger certain elements and instrumentation

Delaurentis | As a wink: Love the idea of using looper on the vocals and layering harmonies utilising different audio FX

Conclusion: A lot of them are on their own/solo artists – would these techniques be harder as a group? We’d need to be very in sync with each other, however, it could make it easier to try as a group as we could have less things to be responsible for because there would be more of us and perhaps less things to remember individually

Backing Tracks:

 -great for full bands

-good for traditional band set ups who also have a more unique sound running parallel to traditional instrumentation/band set up?


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