Module Task 1: Audio Effects

I started off my sketch by recording a basic drum rhythm with Impulse. I then recorded a vocal ‘fly away, fly away my dear’ and used the transpose control to pitch it down an octave and I used the complex warp tool to create an eery male vocal sound. I also added some reverb to this vocal and a slight delay.

I then created another audio track which I applied a resonator (set the first note to D#) and looper to and just said the word ‘fly’. This created a robotic bell kind of sound which complimented the drum rhythm.

I also created another audio track which I applied the saturator, reverb, ping pong delay and EQ to. I made a ‘shhhhp’ kind of noise with my mouth and the saturator emphasised the ‘shhh’ part of the sound while the reverb dragged it out which then streamed into the ping pong delay. I played with the automation of the delay and wetness of the reverb in the envelopes tab, so over 8 bars of the sound relating, there would be a subtle build and increase of the amount of reverb.  When this sound sits in with the rest of the mix it almost sounds like an atmospheric drain with water droplets of some kind.

Finally I finished by creating one more audio track. I wanted this to be the actual melodic   understandable vocal so I didn’t do too much to it. I applied EQ, some compression and reverb. I brought down the mid frequencies in the EQ as my vocal was becoming a bit distorted in the mid range and the reverb helped it sit well with all the other sounds I had made with the audio effects.


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