Ableton Live – Creating Beats

After reading through the Ableton ‘Creating Beats’ lesson, I had a play around with Impulse and the drum rack to get used to it and explore it a bit further.

I started by creating some empty clips in an empty midi track. I selected one of the Impulse pre-sets ‘Backbeat room’ and used it to create some basic beats. I started very minimally with just a kick drum and added more detail with each new clip I recorded to follow the typical build within a song.

Screenshot 2017-05-19 15.23.34
I started with a simple kick drum pattern… 
Screenshot 2017-05-19 15.46.35
I filled my last clip with a more complex pattern having also adjusted the velocity of some of the midi notes. 

In total I made about 6 clips which progressed until I had a more complex drum beat which I also applied a groove to.

Having had a play around with Impulse, I then went on to look at the drum rack and read though the ‘Instrument, Drum and Effect Racks’ lesson.


I enjoyed having a play with this as there is a lot more creative scope for sound design. I particularly liked how easy it was to make a simple beat hold a lot more depth and sound a lot more hand crafted. For example, the kick in my first few Impulse clips was quite plain and I really love a strong bassy kick with a bit of reverb and a real presence. I was able to play around a lot more with elements like this in the drum rack looking at modulation and reverb.

Here is a small snippet of a combination of clips playing some of the beats I created with Impulse but also using some of the sounds I created in the drum rack.



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