Samples Task Video

For this task I wanted to use sounds that could be layered in a variety of ways. I first started looking for people playing tutorials of certain instruments or playing unusual instruments so I would somehow be able to create a song with all these different elements joining together. However, in order for it to sound coherent, I wanted to find the clips with the melodic instruments in the same key but this became a very impossible task quite quickly.

I then remembered watching some funny youtube videos where people had used politicians speeches and phrases to create a song. This gave me the inspiration to try and get Donald Trump to sing ‘Reach for the stars’ by S Club 7. Having looked through the lyrics ‘When the world, leaves you feeling blue, you can count on me, I will be there for you etc’ it would seem quite ironic for Donald Trump to be relaying them.

I began cutting samples from hoards and hoards of Trump speeches and interviews. This was quite enjoyable at first as I was able to find quite a few phrases quite quickly, but this soon became very difficult.

After listening to over 30 hours of trump’s incredibly annoying and monotonous voice, I decided to call it a day with my attempt at this sample video and have a bit of a break. I got quite a way with it, however there were still a lot of gaps where I was finding it extremely difficult to find words such as ‘rainbow’ or ‘stars’ and I couldn’t find the will in me to listen to any more trump to even find words which sounded similar.

I therefore made this 30 second snippet sampling some youtube videos to at least say I’d done this task and show that I could cut up video and layer it…

I still aim to finish my trump ‘Reach for the stars’ video, I just think I need some more time.


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