Evaluation of final video

For my final video, I decided I wanted to create a lyric video for one of my original tracks ‘Undone’. A lot of artists I like increasingly are creating lyric videos for their songs and I believe they’re becoming more and more popular.

One of my inspirations for my video was the lyric video for a song called ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong united. ( ) I particularly like the depth they create through a variety of layers and how it draws you in to look deeper. I also loved the contrast between the slow movement of water with quick sample like layers.

As my video was showing the lyrics for my song, I needed the imagery & aesthetic of the video to almost represent the lyrics and create a certain ‘vibe’ which was coherent with the ‘vibe’ of the song.

I wanted to keep it quite simple and leave space at times but also leave the video up for interpretation. I didn’t want it to be obvious, I wanted it to be mysterious/intriguing. Being a huge fan of photography, I had previously taken a series of photos around the topic of depression which is one of the subtle themes within my song. I wanted to incorporate these photos some how into my video and they inspired me to keep the colour theme very minimal; black’s, white’s and some minimal blue, grey’s.

Above are a few examples of the photo’s I wanted to incorporate in my video. As these were photos and not videos, I decided to try some kind of stop-motion video. I created a sequence of all my photos but reduced their span to about a third of a second each. I then repeated this sequence. I played it with my track but it felt way too frantic and too fast paced for the speed and feel of my song, especially for the beginning which is probably the most chilled part of the song.

I therefore decided I wanted some kind of quite captivating footage which was soothing at the same time. I looked through my lyrics again and one of the things that kept coming to mind was some sort of smoke, fog or steam. It’s slow moving and quite abstract and one of the theme’s of my song is how people can get caught into cycles of self hurt. They can become dependant on things which they don’t realise are hurting them and leaves their outside friends to be hurt in the process. One of the main topics is drugs as part of this process, so I felt smoke would be a very fitting visual for part of my video.

I found some stock footage of some slow moving grey smoke and created a nice frame on a black background for the foundation of my video. I then experimented some more with my sampled photos. This involved me duplicating a lot, creating some random patterns, deleting some, and also playing around with the individual effects of each photo. I played around a lot with their opacities and the scale and positioning of the photos. I wanted them to feel quite random and sporadic, especially at the chorus as this is where instrumentally in my song there is also a lot going on. With a few of the photos I also created some masks and used the feathering tool so they layered more smoothly over each other.

After watching my video back and having added lyrics for whole song, I wanted to change a few things. I felt there needed to be more light and shade between the different parts of the song. I deleted a lot of the tiny little samples within the verses and made them just very sharp and quick but not as often as in the chorus. I also made sure within the verses there were only the two images (one left half of the screen, the other the right half of the screen) taking it in turns to flash on and off, whereas in the chorus’ I had smaller photos within the centre of the screen and some randomly positioned photos as well as the halves. After watching back with the lyrics, I decided I wanted to make the lyrics appear one word at a time rather than a line at a time. I added a cross fade to all the lyrics and made sure they appeared when the lyrics were sung. This added more depth as they layered over each other at times and all had different times that they would eventually fade away.

I really liked my finished video. I liked how all the elements kind of fed off each other. I felt the lyrics worked nicely along side the smoke and the photos added a quite disturbing yet interesting element to my video. The overall effect I was going for was quite abstract and weird but captivating and I think I was able to achieve that.

However, if I had more time I would work more closely with some of the colours of the sampled photos and perhaps work even more closely with their timing and the music. I would also focus on adding even more light and shade within the video for example, looking at when the smoke footage came in in comparison to other elements and if it was needed.


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