DIY Performance Video

For this task I recorded using my iPhone 6s and set it up at one end of the piano I was playing to get a nice perspective of the keys. I also gently overlay another shot which is more focused on my head to get a different perspective.

I’m quite disappointed with this video. I think I could do a lot better and with more time would have created something much better. There could be a lot more variety of the shots rather than just the very side angle of the keys (you can’t even properly see my hands) and even the shot of my head is quite transparent so isn’t garishly obvious.

I tried to organise filming one of my friends who’s just released an EP, playing the grand piano in the chapel with my DSLR Canon camera for this task, however, we were unable to find a time before this deadline in order to record.

I tried to make do with the footage I had by creating a nice looking faded adjusting the colours slightly to be a bit less intense. But If I would have managed to record in the chapel, my main shot would probably have been of Ben’s (the musician) top half sat at the piano and then I would have played around with some closer shots of his hands on the keys, some shots of the inside of the grand piano and also some further out shots of the chapel of the piano and his silhouette with the huge stained glass window behind.


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