A Capella cuts video

For this video I recorded people making some different sounds which I would then be able to play around with, layering and sampling them with each other to create a piece of music.

What I liked about doing this was the fact I was able to have complete control over what I was getting as content for my video rather than having to rely on certain things on youtube e.g. I could decided what noises I wanted the people to make.

If I had more time and worked back on this particular task, I would take more care over the aesthetic of the different clips being sampled and the final overall aesthetic of the video. For example, I would have people stand in front of plain backgrounds or in front of a green screen so I would be able to merge the samples and layer with some moving visuals. I’d also perhaps consider creating a more melodic video with harmonies and different parts of an arrangement. But I feel this task taught me more about premiere in regards to certain effects you can play with and working with lots of different components and layers at once.


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