Set Task 3: Objectify

Using object writing, select four distinct timbral and lyrical semiotic elements that define the theme without making any explicit references to the theme itself

Group Members: Matt Yapp, Rosie Mountjoy, Ophelia Neville

The object we chose to write about was a window frame. Our main idea for the song was to write about a family who had lost a close relative. In particular we were originally thinking about a family who had lost a mother/wife which meant there was a father left to look after the children. We had in mind a window of their house they had lived at for a long time because a window see’s everything, on the inside and on the outside, and it picks up age, smells, seasons. We thought we’d be able to create some hopefully beautiful imagery with this idea of a window.

As Rosie and I were ill at the time of performing, we thought it could be effective as a spoken word. I created a backing track which I felt could compliment the spoken word and where the instrumentation could also add some depth to our lyrics.

Here are some of our original notes we took when thinking about the lyrics:









Smell of rain

Smell of smoke

Washing on the line

Grass being trimmed

Cooking seeping through and the steaming up panels of glass



Double vision – you can focus on the glass of the window or focus on the moment the window is framing

Blank & industrial kind of window? Vast? Empty?

Old and grand? With rusty paint and holding the character and history of a house. Worn.



The dull dimmed noise of the outside

Or the muffled sound of the inside



It sees everything and it can distort things

Cold to the touch

It’s withholding me from reaching through?

The old white paint that we chose to paint those panels are peeling off

Close enough to hear the muffled warmth from the inside

But no breath to fog up the glass



Final Lyrics:


Cold to touch

The muffled warmth seeps through

From the character filled haze

Distorted by those drops

But no more breath to fog up the glass


That yellow ochre paint we chose

Dressing the worn wooden panes

Peels and stains

Peels and stains


The barrier between you and I, me and them, and the world?


The season smells which lined our path

Of living,



Now only memories left clinging to the frame?



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