Set Task 2: Cut Up

Utilising the cut up technique, choose ONE piece of literature (newspaper/book/blog/article) and create an original song.

 The piece of literature I chose to cut up was a blog post called ‘Dear Men, this is what the women in your life want you to know’.

I like to write songs about things that actually mean something to me. Part of myself has to be really invested and passionate about the topic or object I’m writing about. So having seen and read this blog post previously, it came to mind when thinking of this task. The blog post is written by a woman who lost her husband to suicide. She raises some discussion around the topic of men’s suicide. With depression having been something on my mind recently, I thought it would be interesting to cut up the blog and create a song with my life’s spin on things.


I wanted to talk about my aspirations and dreams. But I also enjoyed amplifying the jagged effects of the cut up technique and celebrating those elements rather than trying to create a very smooth, slick flowing song. This is because sometime in my head things are quite sporadic. Or they don’t make complete sense. Or things feel jumbled and feel like they may make sense or may not at all.

I enjoyed using this technique as it really challenged my typical songwriting style and pushed me to think in a different way and become more comfortable with experimenting with lyric structure and song formation. In the future I feel like I could compromise with my usual style of song writing and the cut up technique to make sure I’m writing something that has meaning and makes sense to others i.e. is relatable, rather than being so obscure that it could be seen as just random or sporadic. I do love the freedom this technique brings and the opportunity and space it leaves for exploration and interpretation with the lyrics.



What we want,


A house. A dog. Children. And strength.

Straightforward. You grow up in the same world we do.

Why do we imagine?

A disservice by writing you off as simple and realistic.

That’s ‘no one can’ inside.

And that’s not what.


A habit of placing flowers on my real emotions,

I would wake up to the scent

Which came without conditions or limitations

Deeper than we can imagine

Everything, do everything and deal with your imagination

Above anything else, is, but the sharpest of

We’re still here


You for a thousand reasons. I.

There is not a day that passes when we don’t wish.

Unable to.


I wrote a book,

I don’t think I ever truly understood.



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