Set Task 1: The Trump

The Trump

Using the concept of “The Trump”, compose and capture an original composition based on the skills of your enforced group.

Group Members: Tom Bentley (lead vocals), Rosie Mountjoy (harmonies), Ophelia Neville (keys).

When we started writing the lyrics for this task together, we all decided we wanted to go down a route that wasn’t about Donald Trump mainly because we thought that’s what everyone else would do. We all found a common interest in games we used to play as children but wanted to apply that concept to the idea of some sort of relationship, mixing childhood fun with perhaps more pressing matters in our lives now.

We all had a part to play in writing the lyrics. I feel these lyrics are a good example of dyadic semiotics with the signifier being certain words/phrases we have used such as ‘joker’, ‘deck’, ‘play your hand’ and the signified being the whole concept of a relationship being a game. I feel like we’ve been clear with our concept and I think there’s a lot of clarity of our theme throughout the lyrics.

However, having looked back at these lyrics, I believe there are areas where we could have been clearer with what we meant and re-worded some of the lyrics. For example, ‘I can feel my lungs closing in’ seems a bit out of place and vague in comparison to the rest of the lyrics and although repetition is good to use at points, I don’t think our double use of the words ‘closing in’ have aided our lyrics in any way.

Song Lyrics:

Verse 1:

You layed out the deck when we first met

One wrong move or even the wrong step

I don’t wanna risk being the joker


Verse 2:

You’ve got a bit of a reputation

Try to read your thoughts as you play your hand

In anticipation of your next move



I, I can feel the end closing in

Cos I’m running out of cards to play

And I’m wishing it was yesterday

Cos now, I can feel my lungs closing in

Cos the deck is stacked against my fate

And I’m running out of things to blame


Verse 3:

Show me what you want

But it won’t change a thing

Your moves become predictable

I’m not playing anymore

It’s time to let you win


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