Practise Mix: End Is On

This is my final mix of our group studio project called ‘End Is On’.

This is the first time I’ve ever mixed or mastered anything but I learnt a lot about pro tools in the process.

It was really helpful doing this along side my final track project as it taught me about the importance of getting good first recordings and being organised. We came across a few problems with our ‘End Is On’ track particularly to do with the bass and the upright piano being in the wrong key so we had to use the midi recording. It opened my mind more about the importance of confidence when recording and knowing a part really well.

I learnt how to use Aux tracks and use buses to add a plug in across more than one track and I feel I got better at listening to a track on a whole in more detail. I’d never really worked with anything with full drums before so it was interesting to me learning the balance within a mix and listening out for specific punchy sounds which jumped out or sat too low in a mix. I was able to apply all of this to my final track.


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