Mic Experimentation in the studio…

Over my time experimenting in the studio working up to my final recording, these are some of the mic set ups/mics I used and some of my findings..

Upright Piano:

 -AB – Rode NT3

-XY – Neumann KM 184 x2 (very ambient sound – too much ‘surrounding noise’ of piano – could make mix very muddy)

-Mid Side – AKG C414 x2 – one mic (omni or cardioid) facing front of sound source – one mic (figure-8) at 90degree angle to other mic facing sides of sound source

-AB – Shure Sm57 x2 – we tried these once, but preferred the sound of the other set ups for piano as they picked up a lot more detail of the piano


Electro-Voice RE20:

Used for some of the sample vocals and my harmonies (picked up a fuller sound of my harmonies compared to weaker vocal of my higher register in SM58) – when I recorded Beth’s vocals (some harmonies I didn’t end up using in my final track as our voices are very different and they didn’t sit right with each other), this mic worked particularly well with her high register and tone of voice.

Shure SM58 dynamic mic

Used for my main vocals

I’d looked up good vocal mics for a softer vocal/less confident singer as I fit into those categories, and the shore SM58 was a suggestion (although apparently very good for boomy vocals) I found it worked really well with my close soft vocals and also those moments where I gained a bit more confidence – I felt it kept it bright and intimate


Sennheiser MD 421 II 

Tried it out for main vocals

Although it said in my research that it’s not usually seen as a traditional vocal mic, it said t’s regarded as one of the best dynamic’s out there, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I felt it sounded too boxy and there wasn’t much brightness compared to the other mics.


Didn’t end up using for any takes apart from experimentation

These are some photo’s of different set ups (some of the vocal mics were yet to have the pop shield attached)…




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