‘Scratch’/found footage video – Task 2 Visual Musicianship

The song I used for this video is called: Open arms by RKCB & Demo Taped.

I wanted to play around with the idea of different childhoods/growing up & how society has changed even over the last few years particularly within teenage culture.

Some of the lyrics within the song I picked, I feel in my opinion sums up what teenage culture and growing up has become like today. For example, ‘Left to my own devices’ and ‘Sometimes we’re so self righteous’. I think a common ideology within teenagers and increasingly younger and younger children is the fact they need to grow up so fast. The age for exploring things like alcohol, sex, drugs, make up etc. seems to be going down and down which then I think provokes an element of self righteousness in older teenagers as a result.

With the selection of footage I used, I wanted to highlight or suggest the differences between teenagers/kids now compared to 5-10 years ago. Although it could be seen as excessive highlighting dabbing or vaping as problems with today’s culture, I believe they’re some of the most subtle comparisons I could have put next to the footage of old game shows and kids playing on slides as they could be seen as just the tip of the iceberg in a myriad of other further issues now propping up in today’s teenage culture.

The footage which I felt represents some of today’s teenage culture I edited with certain filters or overlays to show a suggestion of fantasy/not being real. This is because a lot of the online/viral crazes such as dabbing, stem from the social media world and the subtle suggestions of smoking and drinking in the video can be linked with escapism. I wanted to create a difference in the old more real childhood footage, and the much more recent footage.