Shred – Task 1 Visual Musicianship

A shred I created using logic – Flyte covering Arcade Fire’s song ‘The Sprawl’.

I chose this particular track to create my shred with, as I loved the opportunity to play around with the harmonies. I liked the setting as well as it meant I could play around with some sounds to try and create a similar atmosphere to the tunnel they’re stood in singing the original track.

I didn’t want to overcomplicate the task for myself by adding a full band and trying to shred the instrumentation as well as the vocals. I enjoyed spending a lot of time trying to sync my singing up with the mouths of the band and tried to sing the different parts by judging their characters or their stances/appearance to try and add to the humour of the video.

I think shred videos are a lot more effective when they’re simple but done very well, so that’s what I tried to do.


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