ST2 – Melody Writing

Lyrics: Ophelia Neville

Vocals & Piano: Ophelia Neville

I was inspired for this melody task when I saw a poor fox that had died by a tree on a pavement whilst I was walking home. He was so beautiful and looked so peaceful yet contrasting with this was the blood on his stunning fur and the fact he was completely lifeless. I came home and started playing around on the piano playing what I felt a fox’s theme tune or soundtrack would be as he was running across a field.

I wanted something quite delicate and varying in feel of minor and major, but also something quite harsh as the fox had died. I remember watching Planet Earth 2 which had a clip of a fox. The fox was so curious and frantic and yet sometime suddenly stopped and paused turning it’s head or listening for food. I wanted to create those pauses with my melody sustaining one note on a word and also create the quick, more frantic movements with my piano playing.

In the chorus, I changed my chord progression to much more obvious sounding progression: where you would expect the chords to naturally go and the melody just fit in. The lyrics of the chorus are ‘Sleep well’ (i.e. saying how the fox has died) and so the culminating, resolving feel of the chorus melody fits well I think.


Verse:  Oh little fox you ran away, to the place you’ve never known

Chorus: Sleep well now in the autumn, winter leaves, as the peaceful breeze moves over.


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