ST1 – Song Structure & Analysis


A song we wrote for our plug and play module called ’Moon’.

We were inspired by Mental Health awareness day and wanted to create some lyrics talking about depression. We wanted to make a song that was a bit more uplifting and had a positive aspect to it rather than a song that felt very low and monotonous. We also wanted to make it a bit less obvious what we were talking about i.e. using the metaphor of the moon and personification to make it more intriguing and more captivating.

We were taught that a good lyric is a lyric which everyone can understand and relate to, and a bad lyric is cliched, self-indulgent and subjective. We were inspired by Mental Health awareness day as it has just happened this week. We wanted to write a song talking about some form of mental health & pin pointed it to depression as those of us writing the lyrics had the most experience of depression affecting us in one way or another, whether it be directly ourselves or family members or friends. We could therefore, relate to the lyrics we were writing which would also make it relatable to others as we were coming from a real, authentic place and depression is a widely spread issue.

When I first started writing some ideas down for the lyrics, I was thinking of things that I associate with depression: connotations, words & pictures. I then formed a bit of a poem about the moon. My thinking behind the poem was I didn’t want to create a poem/song very heavily focusing on the sadness of depression, but that a person affected by depression is still themselves, it’s almost like they’ve just got his shadow or thing taking them over. But the depression does not define the person. This is why I chose to use the moon as picture as it has so many incredible qualities like any person, but then we could also use the language of night, dark etc to create the idea of depression.

In hindsight, I would have tried to keep the lyrics a bit more simple. I introduced the idea of a girl with the name ‘moon’ as well as using the actual moon for imagery and language to describe the girl. I think with these two different ideas, the song an lyrics to become quite complicated and maybe a bit unclear. However, this is almost what depression seems to be: It’s complex, complicated and unclear a lot of the time so maybe it’s good that the lyrics provoke conversation and discussion as depression may become less of a taboo subject through the song.

Verse 1

There once was a girl called moon
Her precious light shone through the dark
But the night became more powerful
casting shadows over her reflections

Verses 2

her songs she would sing in the night
an abstract constellation of gold
now a dim whisper
she’d rather retreat from the world


Moon, oh precious moon
your so precious and so complex
your vulnerable yet strong
Your light shines in the darkness yet the darkness cannot not overcome

oooooh oooooh oooooh

Vocals: Chloe Hepburn & Ophelia Neville

Acoustic guitar: Ed Jones

Keys: Ophelia Neville

Lyrics: Ophelia Neville


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