Political Economy: Let a hundred flowers bloom

‘Write down one thing that you have learnt from this chapter and suggest how it might relate to music practice or music business.’

‘Marx believed that work can allow human beings to express their inherent creativity. He criticized the hierarchical capitalist firm for blocking such possibilities. He emphasized the dehumanizing and mind-numbing effects of the repetitive work that emanates from increasingly fine divisions of labour.’ (Ha-Joon. C, 2014, p.132).

This small section of the chapter ‘Let a Hundred flowers bloom’ links to McLuhan’s idea of automation – how automation means we can start making more creative decisions about the work we’re involved in, we can develop our own work patterns and priorities. We’re no longer forced into repetitive work? Within music I think this is becoming more apparent with all the noise, immediacy and widespread availability of music now. People are increasingly becoming fed up of the same thing or repetition ‘dehumanizing and min-numbing’ (even many of the artists themselves) and so are purposely setting out to be more creativity and express themselves in new & experimental ways.

Ha-Joon. C. (2014). Economics: the user’s guide. Penguin Books.


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