‘Please don’t go – Joel Adams’


– The intro riff starts on the minor which makes it quite interesting and just goes up and down on just a few of the same notes – it’s easy to the ear, simple and repetitive and that’s why it’s catchy.

There’s rhythmic repetition – it get’s engrained in your head which is important because it’s the basis of the melody for the whole song and underlying throughout all of it

· The whole melody is like an expansion of this simple riff from the intro – the whole song kind of flows in and out and intertwines with this riff – sometimes it’s the simple riff on its own (at the start and at the end) and then the chords and notes all fit into this melody of the riff throughout the song. It’s like a progression of textures adding bits and bobs to this riff which create a cliff with the music and then leaves the cliff drop at the end i.e. the simple catchy riff back on it’s own again like at the start – it’s leaving you with that at the end so you’ll be singing it all day.


· The chords follow what was happening in the riff but they’re just simple chords rather than the riff as well – this adds depth to the music and creates a real emphasis of those peak moments in the chorus and on that riff – but the progression of the chords just mean you can imagine humming this riff in and out the verses


· The first word of the chorus ‘please’ is emphasised by the sustained high note – peak of the song – the ‘please’ in the chorus always hits this same note so the rest of the lines in the chorus almost roll off the tongue – you kind of know where its heading – because of the phrasing as well ‘please’ is separate to ‘don’t go’.

· Towards the end, Joel starts singing extra trills on words of the chorus which repeat the melody of the riff and add weight to it throughout – it’s basically just like a massive ‘let’s celebrate this riff party’ and that’s the whole point of the song. To get stuck in people’s heads. To be singing all day.


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